Real Estate Loan

Real Estate Loan
Who can apply for the loan?
1. Employed individuals
2. Professionals
3. Owner of small business
4. Self-employed businessmen

Purpose :
1. Purchase of apartment. Purchase the land and /or land and building, hold it and sell it when the price goes up.
2. Purchase the land, develop it and sell it making small plots.
3. Purchase the land, develop it and construct buildings or colony and sell it.
4. Other similar purposes as above
Other Features :
1. Collateral for all above products required.
2. At least 8 feet wide, motor able access to the land.
3. Land to be free of guthi or mohi.
4. Land to be far from high tension line.
5. Third Party Collateral – not acceptable.

Service Charges & Loan Renewal Charges
1. Service charge 1% of loan amount
2. Loan Renewal Charge every year 1% on remaining loan amount.

1. Maximum of upto 1 years
2. Repayment : Diminishing Base loan

Loan Documentation Fee
Charges as per company’s rules

Interest Rate
1. 15% to 18% p.a
2. Loan Amt. up to NPR 1,00,00,000

1. Other forms of security may be accepted upon terms and conditions.