Founded in 2057 Mangsir 2nd Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd has exemplified people’s ability to stand against the odds and persevered through difficulties. When people work together, their dreams, desires, effort, support and determination can create a whole new world. Civil Savings is the success story of a Cooperative that gave birth to the Civil Group.

Its establishment, eighteen years ago, came during a time of severe civil unrest in the country. This made the already challenging task of forming a financial institution and regulating it within the members even more daunting. This would not have been possible without the dedication, effort and perseverance of the Civilians i.e. the members and staffs of Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd. Despite of the unnerving obstacles and challenges, Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd has always worked hard to meet the level of expectations set by its members. Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd, right from its initiation, has provided its services to the people of Kathmandu Valley and is planning expand its geographic reach in the near future. Two service centers has already been established in Sundahara at (Civil Trade Center) CTC Mall and Tinkune.

With the emergence of newer concepts in business, Civil Savings has already established a foundation and a brand name in the market known as Civil Group. Civil Group is an enormous conglomerate which is a combination of Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd, Civil Homes Ltd, Civil Business Complex Pvt. Ltd, Civil International Consultant Pvt. Ltd, Civil Estates Pvt. Ltd, Civil Capital Market Ltd, Civil Apartment Pvt. Ltd, Civil Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd and Civil Bank Ltd. Civil Group has created employment opportunities for more than 900 people around Nepal, 30 of whom are currently investing their efforts at the Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative.

In the past, Civil Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd laid the groundwork and put in its heart and soul to provide the best services to its members, as a result of which it is now here today with satisfied stakeholders and a still growing market share. Its future growth is expected to be exponential with plans of introducing various products and schemes to upgrade the living standard of people and the nation with the promise that “We shall grow with you”.

Why Civil Savings?

Civil Savings has demonstrated its worth throughout the nation with better customer service, better return, trust, value and growth. With almost 18 years of successful service in the Nepali Market, Civil Savings has a progressive growth in Projects, Members and Organization. With the experts in business, economy, finance and marketing, Civil Savings has always aced to create a benchmark in the financial sectors.   We being the oldest and resilient cooperative in Nepal has created a brand itself.

With the 18th years of successful service, we feel privilege to say that, Civil Savings stands tall among other competitors. In the timeline of political and economic unrest, we have always been there for our members and promise you all that our service will extend beyond what we provide in near future.